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Strawberry Yogurt Whip – aka Pop Rocks Jello

Whip it. Whip it good!

I didn’t have high hopes for Strawberry Yogurt Whip, despite its sassy name. This is mainly because I don’t care for yogurt, and the recipe consists of only strawberry jello, boiling water, cold water, and strawberry yogurt.  So, it was an interesting surprise that the chemical reactions produced a Pop-Rocks-ian taste sensation.  The dish was positively fizzy, even though no Sprite was involved.  Perhaps if I had added Sprite, it would have caused my head to explode, like Mikey’s did after ingesting Pop Rocks and Pespi, right? It truly did have the fizzy effect of Pop Rocks in my mouth, and the yogurt flavor wasn’t at all overpowering, probably because I used a fruity yogurt with very little nutritional value.

To make this dish, make the jello per usual. When it is slightly thickened, add the yogurt and whip it with a mixer until it’s light and fluffy.  The recipe recommends pouring into punch cups and letting it chill 2 hours before serving. I just made mine in a tupperware container as I wasn’t serving it for a party. However, there was a party in my mouth when the flavor started poppin’ off!



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Double Strawberry Dessert

This was another easy one from the simple beginning chapter of the book.  I mixed strawberry jello, strawberry jelly, and salt in boiling water.  I then measured out 1/2 cup of the mixture and blended in sour cream and let it chill.  Meanwhile I added frozen strawberries to the rest of the jello mixture.  I had to let that chill for 3 hours or so until it was firm. I then spooned it into serving glasses. I beat the sour cream mixture and poured it on top.

I probably should have beaten it a bit longer as it turned out looking a little cottage cheesy rather than smooth like the photo in the cookbook.  Why do things never turn out like the photos in the cookbook? Still, it was tasty, kinda reminiscent of strawberry yogurt with the fruit on the bottom.  It’s nothing particularly exciting, but a nice simple dessert.

I think this recipe probably should have been named Triple Strawberry Dessert for its use of strawberry jello, strawberry jelly, and strawberries; however the recipe just calls for “jelly, any red flavor” so I guess that’s why they didn’t want to make assumptions and stopped with the Double Strawberry moniker.

It’s been trendy in the event business to serve mashed potatoes in martini glasses as part of a mashed potato bar.  So I’m hoping that these catering companies will soon start serving jello the same way, after they see my presentation here.

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