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Spanish Tuna Salad

Here’s another recipe I made for Jellopalooza 2 that I have put off writing about since it was foul.  My last attempt at merging fish and Jello – Salmon Dill Mousse – was so harrowing that I had to take several weeks off from the jello mission.  I still have nightmares involving canned salmon. Spanish Tuna Salad wasn’t as terrible, but it certainly wasn’t tasty, either.

What exactly is Spanish about it? I have no idea. The recipe involves lemon jello, vinegar, salt, pepper, tomato, cucumber, celery, onions and tuna. I made it in my fish mold. The recipe recommends garnishing with mayonnaise. Mayo and tuna, I understand. But mayo and tuna and jello? I disregarded this advice.

The dish scored a 1.9 on a scale of 1-5.

Some guest comments…

“Savory + Jello = Ugh” – Ron

“It wasn’t as bad as Ham and Egg, but gross!” – Sara

“Better than the last fish dish, but that’s not saying much” – Brian

And the loan positive comment…

“Edible” – Larisa

For some reason, the authors of The New Joy of Jell-O felt this recipe was worthy of a 2-page photo spread. Even the pretty china place settings and teapot, and the cozy fireplace in the background cannot make this dish look appetizing.   It’s like putting lipstick on a pig. Or putting mayo on tuna jello.

March 6, 2011 at 6:10 am 2 comments

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