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Ported Cherry Dessert

In search of more theme recipes for the Oscars, I made Ported Cherry Dessert in honor of The King’s Speech.  I don’t know if they actually drink port in the movie, but it seems like they would.  With enough port, one goes from stuttering to slurring, right?

This one turned out very tasty. My friend Christopher described it as “a party in a cup.”  So here’s the recipe.

1 package of frozen cherries, thawed (10 oz)
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1/2 cup port wine
1 package (3 oz.) cherry Jell-O
1 1/2 cups crushed ice
1/2 cup sour cream

Drain cherries, measuring syrup. Reserve 6 cherries for garnish. Add lemon juice to syrup and wine to make 1 cup and bring to a boil. Combine gelatin and boiling liquid in a blender. Cover and blend at low speed for 30 seconds or until gelatin is dissolved. Add crushed ice and blend at high speed until ice is melted – about 30 seconds.  Pour into individual dishes or wine glasses. Add cherries. Garnish with sour cream and reserved cherries. Chill. Makes about 4 cups or 6-8 servings.

This was super-quick to prepare, since the ice makes the jello set immediately. I guess blending it gave the jello a fizzy appearance.  I didn’t garnish it with sour cream, and I poured it into plastic wine cups since I didn’t have enough martini glasses. It certainly looks much classier in the martini glasses, as depicted in the exciting illustration from the cookbook. It seems to be exploding with flavor!

Not having really paid attention to the recipe when shopping, I didn’t realize the recipe was only going to make 7 servings. I thought I might need a little more for the Oscars gathering, but the only red jello I had in the kitchen cabinet was sugarfree raspberry.  Interestingly, the sugarfree jello did not work at all. It turned into a massive gelled blob in the blender.  I had to toss it.  Maybe a reader with a science degree can explain the reasons for that mishap.

I used a very tasty port wine from Kalyra, my favorite central coast winery. The dessert was light and frothy, and the cherry and port flavors complemented each other well. I’d make this one again, perhaps even for royalty.

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127 Hours Jello Shots

I usually go all out with my Oscar parties, but this year Dave hosted and invited a few friends over and kept it small. I still couldn’t resist the urge to do some theme food and asked friends to bring theme food. Here were some highlights:

  • Winter’s Bone Missouri Gooey Butter Cake – everyone flips out over this cake whenever I make it. Such a decadent delight.
  • The Ballerina Buffett (aka, a veggie tray)
  • Black Swan Punch – mix grape and orange kool aid, add vodka and it looks pretty murky and black
  • The Kids Are All Right healthy, organic salad
  • The King’s Speech Scones
  • 127 Hours Rock Candy

I came up with the idea to make 127 Hours jello shots.  I’d use gatorade, which James Franco drank in the film, and lemon jello, and the finished product, when served in a “sample” cup, would resemble something else James drank in the film.  Here’s my recipe:

6 oz lemon jello
2 cup boiling water
1 cup gatorade
1 cup vodka

Mix jello with hot water until dissolved (about 2 mins). Add gatorade, stir. Let sit until steam dissipates.  Add vodka and stir thoroughly (1-2 mins). Pour into jello shot containers and chill for 4 hours or until set. Makes 20 jello shots.

If you can get over the associations from the movie, you’ll find it tastes refreshing. Some of our guests were grossed out, and some just don’t drink booze at all, so I had a bunch of shots leftover.  Too bad, because I’m sure the show would have been more entertaining if we were drunk on jello.

I don’t recommend these gatorade shots for use during your workouts, but if you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, you could do a lot worse. It’s the stuff that hallucinations are made of.

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Avatar Jello – What the Na’vi Eat

My mother taught me it’s not a party without a jello mold, and in the case of this year’s Oscar party, I knew it would have to be an Avatar jello mold. I don’t think the Berry Blue Jell-O flavor existed in 1975 when my textbook The New Joys of Jell-O was published, so I had to improvise. Since I enjoyed the last recipe I made, Jellied Ginger-Upper, I used that as my base.  I made a double recipe so I could get a large bundt mold. I don’t know why I expect that people in 2010 will devour jello molds the way they did in 1975, especially when the mold is blue, but I keep hope alive. Here’s the recipe for my creation:

Avatar Jello Mold

2 boxes of Berry Blue Jell-O (6 oz.)
2 cups boiling water
28 oz ginger ale
2 bags of frozen mixed berries

Dissolve gelatin in boiling water. Gradually add ginger ale.  Chill until thickened; stir in fruit.  Spoon into bundt pan or other large mold. Chill until firm.

The mold turned out really dark, downright inky. If I was doing it over, I would use light-colored fruit like pears or pineapple and see if that would lighten it up. It was still pretty tasty but the color was somewhat foreboding. You had to hold a bite up to the light to get a sense of the blueness.

Here’s a tip for getting your party guests to try your jello mold. Cut into the mold yourself first. Guests will be shy. They will not want to mess with the jello mold’s perfection. They need you to get it started.  Still, even after I ate a chunk myself, only a few guests sampled the jello, but I got positive comments from those brave souls.

We had a theme food contest and there were a lot of blue Avatar items: blue corn tortilla chips, blueberry muffins, UV blue raspberry vodka, pre-mixed Bacardi Zombie cocktails, meringues with blue sprinkles.  I also made Avatartinis in a punch bowl – Malibu rum, Curacao, and Jarritos pineapple soda.

Nobody was able to fit in their Oscar gown after this party.

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