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Under the Sea Pear Salad

I had high hopes for this one, but it was disappointing.  I love pears, and I love jello and cream cheese combinations. But somehow, this one didn’t quite deliver. I don’t think the ginger really went well with the pears, and the ginger flavor was too dominant even though I only used the requested 1/8 teaspoon.

The recipe called for canned pear halves, lime jello, salt, lemon juice, cream cheese, and ginger.  There’s a layer with cream cheese in the mix, and a layer without, so the dish has a pretty appearance.  For some reason the recipe recommends serving with mayonnaise. Mayonnaise? I didn’t do this. I have to draw the line somewhere. Maybe that is why the dish didn’t do well? Would mayo have actually improved it? Mayo, ginger, and pears? Blech.

I’m guessing they added the mayo because this recipe is in the “Salads that Make the Meal” chapter. Every other recipe in that chapter involves veggies, meat or fish (or all of the above).  So I’m not really sure why this fruit dish is thrown in there. Maybe the mayonnaise addendum was a last minute thought to help the recipe fit into this chapter.

Guests scored this a 2.6 on a scale of 1-5. Perhaps it would have been more appealing if I hadn’t made it in the brain mold?

Some guest comments…

“No…just no” – Sara

“Odd flavor” – Brian

“Baby food?” – Ivanna

“Pretty presentation” – Larisa

“Pear is a nice presence but the ginger is overwhelming.” – Christopher

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Turkey-Souffle Salad

My Jellopalooza guests called this one “vile” and I would have to agree.

The recipe called for lemon or lime jello, so I went with lime since almost all the other savory dishes call for lemon. I’m not sure this was a good choice, since the mint green color wasn’t very appetizing. But really, turkey flavored jello couldn’t have saved this one.  After mixing the jello with boiling water, I had to throw in mayo, cold water, vinegar, onion and pepper and beat the mixture.  It’s quite disgusting to blend mayo into jello, especially at 7:00 AM, since I made this the morning of my party. I then had to freeze the mixture for 15 minutes until firm about 1 inch from edge  but soft in the center.  I then spooned it into a bowl and whipped it and folded in the turkey and chopped veggies (green pepper, celary, pimiento). I used ground turkey and this didn’t work well. It turned out like hard little turkey balls in the middle of the jello.  I’m not sure why the turkey got so hard, since it was only in the fridge maybe 3 hours. I’d like to guess that turkey breast might be more palatable, but really, would it? Nothing is really going to make turkey in jello taste good.

The directions called for pouring into mold and chilling until firm, unmolding and garnishing with salad greens or additional mayonnaise, if desired. I didn’t desire any more mayonnaise.  This thing came out of the mold messy. I didn’t soak the mold in warm water, so maybe that’s why. Or maybe it’s because this is the jello dish from hell! It looked predigested. I really considered throwing it out without serving it, but for the sake of science, I soldiered on.

Not surprisingly, my guests found it revolting, scoring it 1.4 (on a scale of 1 to 5). So did I. The adjective I would use is “noxious.”  It was the lowest-rated dish of Jellopalooza. The turkey had no flavor, and the idea of turkey in jello was just hard to overcome even if it had flavor.  There is no joy in this particular jello.

Some comments…

“Not good. Turkey and jello is just weird.” – Ivanna
“This tastes like drunken leftovers at the end of a 12-hour holiday bender” – John
“Great on a sandwich” – Dave*
“Turkey coated in vileness” – Brian
“It should not exist on this Earth. Vile.” – HungryKat (seen here gagging)
“Something made the turkey very hard. Not good.” – Darlene
“I’m vegetarian – thank god!” – Larisa, who got to abstain

* Dave is my boyfriend, and I found it very sweet that he had the lone positive comment on this dish. But you should probably consider that fact when valuing his judgment here.

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