Cubed Gelatin

October 18, 2010 at 5:05 am Leave a comment

I made this recipe a couple months ago but never wrote it up, because it was such a boring item.  But in the interest of completeness, I’ll include it here in the blog. Some of the recipes in the first section of the book are mainly just there to introduce basic jello craftsmanship. This would be one of them.  I had already succeeded at cubing jello, as it was required to make the Crown Jewel Cake.  But I can always use more practice.

To cube jello, you basically just need to make the jello as directed on the box, and make it in a flat cake pan.  Wait until it sets and cut it into cubes.  It’s fun because when you cut the cubes out, you can create a tetris-type pattern in the pan.  And the cubes look nice stacked in a glass or bowl, nicer than just a plain ol’ glob of jello.  It’s hip to be square!

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