Happy Fourth of Jello

July 6, 2010 at 9:30 am Leave a comment

Fireworks, parades, air shows, BBQs…and patriotic jello molds: those are the things that say Fourth of July to me.

I recently acquired two patriotic jello molds: an American flag mold and an Uncle Sam hat mold. I bought them on eBay, but they were originally promotional items – buy X amount of jello, get the mold free.  I followed the recipes that came with the molds.  The ingredients were very simple – a red flavor of jello, berry blue jello, and whipped cream. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the recipes close enough to realize I was supposed to have cooking spray on hand to spray the plastic molds before adding jello.  And when I went to make the molds at 10pm on Saturday night and realized this error, I didn’t feel like going out to the store.  I tried to grease the molds with butter, but this wasn’t a good substitute. Consequently, neither mold came out cleanly, and the flag mold was ripped in a way that would have offended any red-blooded American who isn’t already offended by the idea of depicting the flag in jello.

Sunday morning, we joined the parade around my condo complex, mostly because I wanted an excuse to put my dog Edgar in an Uncle Sam outfit.  After the parade, we adjourned to the clubhouse for entertainment from the Over the Hill Band and pot luck.  I stopped home to drop off Edgar and unmold the flag jello.  Although I soaked it in warm water and ran a warm knife around the edge, I still experienced the aforementioned ripping. I thought it was almost too sloppy to bring to the party, but Dave told me I was overreacting. He was right. The crowd, consisting mostly of two of Jello’s most loyal constituencies –seniors and kids — devoured the mold.  People wanted to know who made it and commented that it must have taken hours.  Well, it’s not exactly slaving over a hot stove all day, but I did have to make a layer, go away for a while, and then add another layer, rinse, repeat.  It tasted fine, and while my jello pride swelled with the positive reviews, I remained disappointed with my art direction. I guess my flag jello has a certain Jasper Johnsian quality – smudgy, but homespun.

Sunday afternoon, we had a couple friends join us for BBQ and I unveiled the Uncle Sam mold.  This mold has two compartments so you can make the whole thing at once and avoid the layering time.  Again, it came out sloppy.  The flag mold was tastier, due to the layers of different flavor. I’m not very good at decorating with Reddi Whip.

Oh well..my disappointment at the unmolding issues was overshadowed by the fun I had at the parade and the Culver City High School fireworks display and especially by the discovery of a new Jell-O and Cool Whip cookbook at the grocery store – don’t miss it!

I hope you all had a great Fourth! Check out all Dave’s photos from the parade.

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