Green Goddess Salad Bowl

May 30, 2010 at 12:24 am 1 comment

I’m a fan of Green Goddess salad, but I couldn’t really imagine it incorporating jello.  I do like anchovies, but I knew many of my Jellopalooza guests wouldn’t – especially anchovies in jello. The cookbook was published when Green Goddess was very popular, hence the focal point picture of the Green Goddess Salad Bowl, opening the chapter called “Salads that Help Make the Meal.”

To make the Green Goddess Salad Bowl, first take lime jello, garlic salt, salt and pepper and combine in boiling water.  Next add sour cream, mayonnaise, vinegar, and anchovies. The recipe called for 2 cans of anchovies, chopped.  You then beat all these ingredients. It’s a really disgusting process to blend jello, sour cream, mayonnaise and anchovies. The anchovy bits clung to the mixer beaters.  I felt myself getting nauseated from the anchovy smell and the look of the mixture, especially as I was already queasy from preparing the Salmon Dill Mousse.  The resulting concoction had a mint green color – cue further nauseation. I poured it into two 8-inch pans and let it chill until firm.

For serving, I cut the jello into cubes and piled it on top of salad greens, with canned crabmeat and avocado slices around the edge.  It came out somewhat attractive, if you don’t know the full horror of what is contained in the jello squares.  I make these recipes according to the book, so I didn’t substitute fresh crab, which probably would have improved the taste of the dish.

I was surprised that I found this kind of tasty, unlike most of my guests. Yet, there was an underlying revulsion in me, and I certainly wouldn’t make it again. I guess it’s because I like anchovies that I could tolerate it.  I wonder if it might be better with sugar-free jello, or plain gelatin. The sweetness of the lime jello combined with the sour cream, mayo, and anchovies really causes a war in one’s mouth.

My guests rated this dish a 1.8 on a scale of 1 – 5.  It was the 3rd worst, after the Salmon Dill Mousse and the Turkey Souffle Salad. I think you can see a pattern here. People can’t handle the fish and meat jellos very well.

Some comments…

“I hate anchovies – pungent, foul creatures not meant to be eaten, let alone in the company of a thing as perfect as jello. It’s like letting a dirty, homeless man have his way with Kim Basinger” – Christopher

“Just yucky – doesn’t work” – Darlene

“I love Green Goddess and I love jello – but it tastes like you dropped this on the floor of the kitchen and scooped it back on the same plate.” – John (who lost his enthusiasm for the rest of the jellos, after starting with this one and being horrified)

“Downable – and it stayed down” – Aaron

“Unusual. More disturbing in mix of texture. Not god awful” – Mary

“Not sure which is worse – this or fermented tofu” – Brian, who had taken an exotic food tour of San Gabriel Chinese restaurants the day before.

“Just unexpectedly nasty. Fish taste that’s creamy doesn’t go together.” – Ivanna

My advice is to make a traditional Green Goddess dressing and enjoy it on a non-jello salad.  Here’s a recipe and the history of Green Goddess.

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