Peach Bavarian

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This was an unusual mold, in that it tasted more like cool whip than Jell-O.  The mold consists of lemon Jell-O, a tub of lite Cool Whip, a can of peaches (chopped), sugar, a pinch of salt, and a shot of almond extract. You were also supposed to save the syrup from the can of peaches and add that into the Jell-O mixture, but I forgot that step.

After mixing the Jell-O, boiling water, sugar, and salt, I had to “chill until slightly thickened.”  Fortunately, there is a glossary in the back of the book that explains the difference between the stages of Jell-O molding:  chill until slightly thickened, chill until thickened, set but not firm, and firm.  “Chill until slightly thickened” means the consistency of unbeaten egg whites, and the glossary tells me its the guideline for when you are blending cream cheese or cool whip into the gelatin.

After chilling until it was slightly thickened, I blended in the cool whip until the mix achieved a frothy texture.  I then folded in the peaches and put it back in the fridge. I let it set overnight, and it unmolded quite beautifully.

The photos kind of make it look like a big mold of mayonnaise, but I assure you it was tastier than it looked. Dave enjoyed it.  I recommend it for a refreshing summery dessert. I am not sure what is has to do with Bavaria.  There was no beer involved.  I suppose it alludes to Bavarian Cream Pie which has a similar texture.

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